Running the Bluegrass

After my 7-mile run on Saturday, I was inspired to commit to training for my second half marathon. I know seven miles is only half-way in a half marathon, but I came out of that run feeling confident like I could handle the training.

Earlier I had been contemplating running a half marathon at the end of March, versus one at the end of April. Then I was thinking about running both, as they fell 30 days from each other. Finally I decided that, no matter what, I was going to attempt to Run the Bluegrass!


I’ve been intrigued by this race for the past year, even before it was slated to be the newest Rock N Roll Series race, and then not. Now it’s back to being a local production. And to reward those who had originally signed up for the Rock N Roll race, they gave those runners the chance to let a friend sign-up using a $25 coupon. And through the wonders of Twitter, I found someone who still had a coupon to share. So I snatched it up and took the plunge.

And how can you say no to a race registration costing you a whopping $27?? That’s right! A race that was going to cost me $75 to sign up (that is, until 11:59 tonight, then it’s $10 more), ended up only costing me $27 ($25 + $2 processing fee) thanks to that coupon! (Here I thought the $25 coupon was $25 off.)

I’ve heard that the Run the Bluegrass is a hilly course, so I’ve been trying to incorporate more hill work and speed intervals on the treadmill, not to mention trying to find new routes to run to train on for my long runs. I’m hoping to try to get in one or two runs on the actual RtB course, as was suggested to me by a few veterans.

I’m still toying with the idea of the Derby Half Marathon at the end of April–a good friend is running in it and asked me to run with her. I’ve been told by other runners I could use the RtB as a training race and then aim to do my best in the Derby. The one thing that might stop me would be the cost, though now that I was able to use that coupon, that might be a moot point.

So if you’re looking for a race or two in Kentucky this spring, these are two definitely ones to check out!

So here we go…time to get back onto the training trail… (Whodathunk it??)


One thought on “Running the Bluegrass

  1. Yay!! Very exciting.

    The RockNRoll marathon is coming to Raleigh and it’s causing such a major headache out here. Raleigh does so many road races that the city council is trying to come up with some rules and regulations for them. I think we have 87 this year. RNR was the straw that broke the camel’s back apparently.

    You should come out here in February and run the Krispy Kream challenge.

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