Getting in Those Food Groups

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s really important to keep in mind getting all of the nutrients from the food groups to feel full and satisfied.

Today’s Elf4Health Challenge was to eat at least three different food groups in every meal. It was actually a pretty simple challenge, but it still makes you think about what you’re planning to eat for every meal.

Here was my meal wrap-up:

Breakfast — scrambled eggs (one whole egg, one egg white) with salsa, whole wheat toast with peanut butter, and a glass of cold nonfat milk. (And an apple for my mid-morning snack.)

Lunch — sliced turkey sandwich with lowfat cheese on two slices of whole wheat bread, leftover carrots and potatoes from last night’s meal, and leftover fruit salad.

Dinner — taco salad with lean beef, lettuce, lowfat cheese, salsa, a small dollop of plain Greek yogurt in a baked whole wheat tortilla and mandarin oranges on the side.

Food Groups

It’s a great thing to try to remember! Get those meals in!


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