2012 in Review — What a Year

2012 has been one crazy year of ups and downs! A lot happened to me in that span of 365 days — lost my grandmother (and last living grandparent), competed at Nationals, ran my first half marathon, fought with tendonitis in my foot, tried obstacle races, planned a wedding, got married, saw the ocean for the first time, etc.

Here’s a quick review from my 2012:

January saw plans for our wedding starting to take shape, as well as my thoughts getting more serious about my first half marathon training. I also hoped to inspire more of what I call “resolutioners“–you know them. They’re the new members of your gym you see wondering around wide-eyed for the month of January, then they tend to slow down their visits until you might not see them come March. I hope more resolutioners stuck with their fitness and health goals in 2012, and continue to do so in 2013.

HeartRunningFebruary was the kickstart for my half marathon training, tackling runs of six and seven miles. Each long run was a progression of “this is the farthest I’ve ever run” which felt awesome every time! I also was forced into a change in direction for my job at work, which left me with some uncertainty for a few months, but looking back on it now, I think I made the right decision. I think this was the month I really fell in love with running, too.

In March I battled with emotions as I chose my bridal party for the wedding–talk about difficult! That month I travelled to Reno for the AKC National Agility Championships with Dally. I also had a lot of mental and physical growth with my running as I tackled nine, 10, and 11 miles. Looking back at those posts, it makes me wonder why I even want to tackle half marathon training again, but then again I think this motivates me because now I know I can run 10, 11, and even 13 miles, and I have learned from my little mistakes (I hope).

April was a big month–I ran my first half marathon! It was such an awesome experience and an awesome accomplishment. I still feel pretty proud of myself when I see my medal and my number from the race. It pumps me up reading the posts again–I do want to run another half! Oh…and we added a DJ for the wedding!


May was a month of transitions when it came to tackling my schedule with my added second job, managing to do some wedding planning, recovering from the half marathon, and dealing with injuries. One of my most thought-provoking blog posts of the year was my discussion of an appointment with a sports orthopedist who explained I was a “large, athletic woman,” which rubbed me the wrong way. I also reflected a little on my horse life and missing it.

A photo from our last horse show together: Skip's TuTuffTu and myself, May 2006

A photo from our last horse show together: Skip’s TuTuffTu and myself, May 2006

I started venturing into more healthy recipes in June for baking and summer-type meals. I also got back to running a little more consistently, which was good. I also made some big head-way with the wedding, finishing choosing bridesmaid dresses and setting the stage for the event. Not a very big happening that month really.

July was the big countdown month for the wedding–three months to go! With the help of a  friend I designed our invites and sent them out, excited that it was really official that the wedding really was going to happen! I also finally ran in the Bluegrass 10K, a race I was training for in 2011 when I suffered a stress fracture. And I ran in my first obstacle race in the Warrior Dash!


Things got quiet on my blog in August–I was going through some personal issues and busy working two jobs and freelancing, so there wasn’t much time for blogging.

Things were still pretty crazy for me in September with the two three jobs, running, and wedding planning, but I tried to make a conscious effort to get back to blogging. I thank everyone for their patience with me.

October was a huge month for me because I got married!!! My blog that month was all about the wedding: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and the reception. I loved sharing my day with everyone again. We still have yet to order photos from the photographer, so whenever we get the photos, I’ll share more! Also, I still owe you a wrap-up of the honeymoon in Pauley’s Island, S.C., so that’ll come in the next month…I promise!


I turned the big 3-0 in November…ACK! But it was a good month for reflection and remembering what I’m thankful for. I showed a little tidbit of our honeymoon (at least the getting there part!), so I hope that enticed you enough to come back.


December has been all about the Elf4Health Challenge, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenges as much as I have! I loved going through the three things I liked about myself (and I chose for my husband), 20 things I was thankful for, and trying new recipes like cheesy broccoli quinoa casserole and chocolate peanut butter mug cake! I also hope you enjoyed my winter ride before Christmas that I shared with you.

Bring on 2013!!


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