Christmas on the Road

The Christmas countdown is on. Which means finishing the wrapping and starting the packing.

This weekend we’ll be starting the trek to celebrate the holiday with our families. We like to say we’re fortunate that our families are so close (2.5-3.5 hours from Lexington), but it’s also a curse because we have to make appearances with both families for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means we have to do a lot of driving.

One thing I’ve learned about going into a relationship and then marriage is that you have to learn to readapt to everything. The days of the Christmas traditions from when you were a child of spending countless hours gathered in the living room, watching Christmas movies and reveling in your gifts with your family has changed. Now it’s a day of shortened celebrations, hoping to not disappoint anyone with your brief stay. You stress about how much time you have to spend with one family and how much time on the roads you have to  drive on. You pray for clear skies and clear roads so you aren’t delayed in your next destination.

Traditions, such as getting in a Christmas ride, some times have to be re-scheduled or changed for the times.

Traditions, such as getting in a Christmas ride, some times have to be re-scheduled or changed for the times.

I’ve had some tell me, “Just wait until you have kids…then you can force them to come to you…” But in the back of my mind, I can’t imagine a Christmas spent away from the farm. I cherish those Christmas Eve nights of baking until time for midnight mass at the Catholic church I grew up in, and I love those mornings of almost skipping down to the barn with a bag full of apples and treats for the horses and barn cats, hoping to squeeze in a Christmas morning ride on my favorite horse.

I’m thankful for every moment I spend with my family, and I always hope that M is able to cherish his time with his family. Due to my work schedule, Christmas will be a little shorter than one would like. We’ll be spending the weekend with my family, and Christmas morning, before heading to M’s family for a late lunch and gifts, then head back to Lexington so I can be at work the next day.

I know we’re lucky to be able to spend our holidays with our loved ones–there are many who are not as lucky as we are. Be they in the military serving overseas, working the holiday to protect and serve the rest of us, or grieving the loss of another. So we will cherish the limited time with have with both families and enjoy our first Christmas as a married couple.


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