A Christmasy Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend…can you believe that next weekend is Christmas??

After a fun Friday in Louisville with a great college buddy (and one my bridesmaids) for a girls’ night, M and I enjoyed a fun morning of holiday drinks at Coffee Times Coffee House, a fun local coffee shop that has some awesome drinks and great service. They also have a massive selection of coffee. We got my brother-in-law some coffee beans and a grinder for Christmas last year and he loved it, so we decided to do the same this year, only add a couple of different flavors.

Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to spend some of our gift cards we got from our wedding, as well as the store credit we received when we had to return some stuff. Unfortunately we didn’t really get much from our registries, and there were things we really needed, so we decided to treat ourselves. After about an hour or so, we walked out of the store with $350-worth of stuff…and we didn’t pay a dime! It was pretty fun. We got a new mattress pad, some new cookware, bathroom stuff (so excited about that, so I’ll show pictures soon), and I got some new bakeware. We still hope to get some stuff for Christmas, though, and still have quite a few things that we need and would like to get.

Then we took the girls to go see Santa at PetsMart. The girls were so excited about the chance to go shopping, but LaMesa wasn’t too sure about going to see Santa. The poor little thing was shaking like a leaf and wasn’t too sure about the man in the beard. I barely got both girls to look towards the camera at the same time. I chose this photo because M and I got a kick out of the look LaMesa was giving Santa (meanwhile Dally was just waiting for her treat).

Seeing Santa is old hat for Dally, however LaMesa's not too sure about the fake beard...

Seeing Santa is old hat for Dally, however LaMesa’s not too sure about the fake beard…

That evening we went to a friend’s house for a party and Dirty Santa. I lucked out getting the last number (28–there were a lot of people at the party!) and wound up going home with a bottle of Evan Williams and some eggnog. The eggnog is pretty ironic considering M and I had said talked about eggnog and how neither of us had never had any. Looks like we’ll have to have some to celebrate the holiday some time this week… (I took a little Christmas decoration and made some of my dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, which I’ll post the recipe soon.)

Today’s activities included a long run (56* on Dec. 16??) and agility training with the dogs and my dog friends. I tried a new cookie recipe, which I’ll post later, and whipped together some turkey chili–home run!

Now it’s time to relax, watch a little “The Devil Wears Prada” (who doesn’t love that movie??) and icing my foot… Ready to tackle Week 4 of Elf4Health!


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