Crossing Fingers

We're going to need a full room of these suckers on Wednesday.

We’re going to need a full room of these suckers on Wednesday.

In August, just two months before our wedding, M lost his job. It was horrible timing, but we feel it was perhaps a blessing in disguise because he had been wanting to move on but I think he felt trapped. This was the push he needed to decide what he really wanted to do.

He started back in school earlier in the summer to finish his degree, something I had been trying to persuade him to do and to take advantage of the GI Bill before it was gone. It was hard for him to focus on school and the long hours at work, and he was trying to figure out which was going to give. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it was the job that gave, but it allowed him to focus on schoolwork and give him time to do a lot of thinking. He wanted to go one direction, but then when opportunity came knocking last month, he decided what he really wanted was to be in sales, like he was with his previous job, only to take more of a management role. M is a very good salesman and he knows his stuff, so this opportunity is perfect for him.

He’s gone through a few interviews and a lot of pep talks, but Wednesday is the big day for his interview with an upper level manager. We’re hoping this is it–the last interview that leads to a job offer, the end of worrying about unemployment requirements, the end of his total boredom at home.

So, I’m just asking for everyone’s luck, crossed fingers and toes, and anything else you do for good luck. I hope I can report back soon with good news!!

2 thoughts on “Crossing Fingers

    • Thanks, Elle! The interview went well, now it’s a waiting game (there were other candidates). Luckily this job would keep him based where we are now, but while he’s been looking I had given him the OK to look in other (select) areas that would require us to move. This could have meant I’d have to later find a new job, or workout telecommuting through my current place of employment. So perhaps that’ll be one less stressor for us.

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