Spreading the Healthy Joy

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that I’m always trying to get my husband, family, friends, everyone around me to eat healthier. (Now this doesn’t mean that I eat healthy 100% of the time…I wish I did, but I have no self-control when it comes to some things like cookies and other sweets.) Even if I can M to swap a Coke for a glass of water at a restaurant, that’s a huge win for me. (It helps that restaurants charge around $2 for a glass of Coke…really?? Water is a much better, cheaper, option.)

Colorful fresh veggies make for delicious roasted veggies to go along with a roast.

Colorful fresh veggies make for delicious roasted veggies to go along with a roast.

I attempted roasted vegetables on Sunday when we went to a friends’ house for dinner. I’d always wanted to do roasted vegetables, but was always afraid to. I feel like the Elf4Health Challenge has really forced me to get outside of my comfort zone, so I took the leap and we purchased zucchini, summer squash, red and green peppers, and brussel sprouts. Yes…brussel sprouts! I ‘ve never had them before, and as soon as I grabbed the bag at the grocery, M immediately said that he wouldn’t eat them. I asked him to give them a try, and again he said no, there’d be plenty for our friends joining us for dinner.

My attempt was a success (though I think I used a little too much olive oil, so next time I’ll actually measure it, not just pour). And….surprise, surprise…M actually tried all of the vegetables, including the brussels sprouts. And…he liked them! I asked him if I could make roasted veggies (including brussels sprouts, which, yes, I liked them, too) a regular in our meals and he said yes. One small step…

Tuesday night I created my own salad dressing for a lighter take on salad. I wasn’t sure if M would enjoy the lighter flavor, because (as I’ve said before) he usually likes a little salad with his ranch dressing. But, yet another surprise….he really liked the pumpkin vinaigrette  So much so, I caught him fixing a salad for lunch the next day and used the remainder of the vinaigrette. Yet another small step…

The other challenge of sharing the healthy joy with Elf4Health was to take a healthy snack to share with co-workers on Wednesday. I attempted to create whole wheat apple spice muffins to take to work with me, but the recipe didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, so I need to try tweaking the recipe more. With not much cash to buy some snacks on the way to work as I had hoped, I went to work empty-handed, but not empty in spirit. I still tried to share some tips with co-workers. It’s the thought that counts, right?

So how do you spread the healthy joy with family and friends? It’s been a bear to try to get M back into the gym and share my love of working out. To him, working out isn’t fun and it isn’t a good way to beat boredom or to get out of the house. One would think certain goals would push him, or maybe knowing that one way to spend time with me in an active way, and get him into the gym, but it doesn’t. Pestering/nagging doesn’t work. Neither does asking.

It’s important to me to have a healthy family–my family is very important to me.  I want them to be around for a very long time, and the only way that can happen is if we eat healthy and stay active. Some times you do what you can and hope for the best. What I can do is try to make healthy choices in my eating habits and continue to exercise and try to spread it around.

How are you spreading the healthy joy?


6 thoughts on “Spreading the Healthy Joy

  1. You’re doing great. I can’t get my Boyfriend to try healthy food — even at the point of a pitchfork. Or, if he does, he takes one bite and turns up his nose.

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