Holiday Challenge – Elf4Health

In response to my post on gluttony yesterday, I took the bull by the horns and signed up for a fun holiday challenge that is sure to push me out of my comfort zone at least once a week–Elf4Health!

Awesome bloggers Elle (Nutritionella) and Lindsay (The Lean Green Bean) came up with this fun challenge of pairing up people with their own “health elf”. We get to know our elf for a couple of weeks and keep eachother apprised of how our daily challenges are going. We can share tips and inspiration, not to mention win daily prizes from some awesome sponsors! I figured it was a great way to be accountable throughout the holiday season, all the way into January.

Our daily challenges are pretty simple. Today, for instance, was Meatless Monday–create meals throughout the day without any meat. It was fun seeing all the different meals fellow elves were posting!

The rest of our challenges for this week:
Tuesday – Send a handwritten card or letter to a friend.
Wednesday – Try a new workout today!
Thursday – Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect.
Friday – How many colors can you eat today? Challenge yourself!
Saturday – Clean out your closet! Fill out a bag of clothes to donate!

Throughout the challenge I’ll do my best to keep you updated with how I’m doing!

If the challenge intrigues you, there’s still time to sign up for the second round, which starts in a couple of weeks!


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