The Thanksgiving holiday is typically the start of the holiday season…a season of many nights out on the town with friends and family, parties, cookie swaps, etc. More than 30 days of food, sweets, drinks…pure gluttony.

All that baking only comes around once a year, so surely it can’t be that dangerous…right??

I spent the past four days at my parents’ farm relaxing and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Don’t get me wrong–I love spending time with my family. It’s always great being on the farm, able to ride my horses and spend time in the barn, helping out where help was needed. But I tend to go back to my old ways of excessive eating. There are always temptations around my parents’ house with cookies, etc. For some reason, what little willpower I had flies out the window and I have a hard time stopping the continual snacking. Whereas when I’m home in Lexington, I’m better about eating because I’ve limited the temptations. (I subscribe to the “if it’s not in the house, I can’t eat it” notion of willpower.)

My drive for working out snuffs out when I’m home as well. I don’t know what it is–my parents live out in the country, so the roads would be pretty quiet for a run, but I’ve never really gone on a long run. I’ve wanted to go hiking with my husband on a home visit, but the best place is more than an hour away. My sister is on a funky work schedule, so we don’t ever workout together…

I know…they’re all excuses. So why are these excuses alright when I’m visiting home?

And the excuses just continue to grow as we near the holidays. It’s dark and cold after work, I don’t want to run… Dinner with friends or spin class at the gym?… But Christmas cookies only come once a year….

So how do you deal with the gluttony of the holidays? Amp up the workouts at the gym? Add more veggies on the days you eat them? 


2 thoughts on “Gluttony

  1. Hi, I’m an Elf for Health too! I understand what you mean about willpower going out the window while out of town. I do the same thing. I usually plan for it though and work extra hard in the gym leading up to my trips. As far as holiday treats go, I am going to eat them. They do only come once a year!

  2. I find that I always resort to my old eating and exercise ways too. It’s frustrating because Iove being home but I can not like it just as much because I feel so out of wack! I have just started trying to not be perfect about it. If I don’t exercise then I focus on having only 1 cookie or something in moderation. But what you mention is so true. It’s hard to control your food and exercise environment when you are in a home that is shared with a bunch of people.

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