Turning the Big 3-0

Today is my birthday. It’s not just any birthday, but the big 3-0…30…goodbye twenties, and perhaps the your last decade as a carefree young adult. To some, your 30s mean it’s time to get serious about life.

Now that I’m married and we’re looking to settle down some place, once M gets a new job, it’s starting to hit me that…hey, I am an adult and I need to plan accordingly. I’m not just working my 8-5 job just as a “job” but as a means to build a career. I took a big leap in my career earlier this year, and I’m hoping to continue learning to put me on the right track towards an actual career, not just a job.

And then there’s the whole “Life Plan” push that everyone starts to ask as you get older and get married. For someone who is typically OCD and have to have a plan for some things, it’s shocking that I don’t have a life plan. I didn’t know where I wanted to be when I turned 30. Did I see myself married, competing in dog agility, and living in Lexington? Honestly, no. When I was turning 20, I was a junior at Murray State University and all I was focused on was getting my equestrian journalism career started and still training and showing horses.

Is it true that gone are the days of “easy living” like the days at Murray, where late nights were spent at the barn roping hay bales and drinking a beer (or two)? Those first years of my 20s were so much fun.

Now that I’m turning 30? I’m a (happily) married woman living in Lexington, working for a publishing company as a web producer while freelancing for a few magazines here and there, and training and showing dogs instead of horses. On one hand, it seems like I’m doing well for myself, especially considering the economy right now, but then there are those “Shoulda, coulda, woulda” moments that I’m sure everyone has as they near their birthdays.

But this post wasn’t meant to be depressing or to downplay my life now. I’m very lucky that I met M and he accepts me for who I am, because I knew that would be a hard task to accomplish. I’m lucky that I’m still working in the area in which I got my degree (not many can say that).

The best friends will “age well” with you (rather than “grow old”) and continue to be there, from the frat house parties to the fancy patios at jazz bars in downtown Louisville.

I’m lucky that I have found new loves with dog agility and running. Never would I have thought I would have run a half marathon before I turned 30 (or that I’m considering running two half marathons within a month of each other, but more on that in a later post). Never would I have thought that I’d embrace social media as much as I have (I can’t live without it now) for work and for life. Never would I have thought I’d be settling down as much as I have.

When I was turning 20, you couldn’t convince me that my “horse life” would be replaced with my “dog life” as I neared 30. But who can resist this face??

My 20s have been a roller coaster, with finishing college and meeting friends for life, to moving to Texas, then Oklahoma, and then Kentucky for work and finding a place where I was happy, to losing something very close to my heart while gaining another unconditional love. I’ve been built up, crushed, and built back up these past 10 years. I’ve lost weight, gained, and thankfully lost weight again and found a healthier lifestyle, that I just hope I can make healthier for both M and myself as time goes by. I’ve learned a lot about finances, food, life, and myself.

Where do I see things going in my 30s? Like I said, I don’t really know. I hope there are a few more half marathon finishes in my future, as well as maybe a few more health goals to accomplish. I hope M and I embark on an exciting marriage and continue to find ourselves more in each other as we grow older together. And I hope a few circumstances will be cleared up and life can be less stressful.

I might not be sure about the direction my 30s will go, but I’m happy I have my partner by my side for the trip.

So here’s to my 30s!

What insights do you have to pass on?


2 thoughts on “Turning the Big 3-0

  1. It sounds like you’re having an amazing start to your 30s! I’m turning 30 next month and I hope it goes as well for me as it has for you. I hope you have a wonderful decade and that its filled with fantastic things!

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