Yummy Autumn Dinner – Skillet Chicken w/Apples & Cranberries

Happy Halloween everyone!! I promise I’ll put together a post about the honeymoon soon–I’ve got lots of great photos to share with you of my first-ever (yep, you read that right, first time) seeing the ocean and being on a beach.

But first, I wanted to share this delicious meal I made for M and I tonight after the trick or treaters were done. It’s perfect for Fall, and it’s pretty good for you, too! I was lucky to find this recipe on Pinterest and have been wanting to try it (reminds me a lot of something my mom would cook).

Skillet Chicken with Apples & Cranberries

1 lb chicken tenders, trimmed and cut in half on the diagonal (Or I thawed out two big chicken breasts and sliced them up after they thawed)
3/4 tsp dried thyme, divided
3/4 tsp salt, divided
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
2 tbsp canola oil, divided
2 crisp red apples, such as Braeburn, Fuji or Gala, thinly sliced (I used 1 large Gala since it was just for M and I)
1 large red onion, quartered & sliced (I did not have red onion, so I omitted it, and it still tasted great)
3/4 cup apple cider or apple juice, divided
1 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen (thawed)
1 tbsp all-purpose flour

1. Sprinkle both sides of chicken tenders with 1/4 tsp each thyme, salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium and add the chicken. Cook, stirring, until lightly browned on all sides, 3-4 minutes total. Transfer to a clean plate.

Nothing says Fall like crisp red apples, cranberries, and Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Cider.

2. Add the remaining 1 tbsp oil to the pan. Add apples, onion, 2 tbsp cider (or juice) and the remaining 1/2 tsp each thyme and salt. Stir to combine. Cook, stirring often, until the apples and onion are softened, 3-4 minutes. Add cranberries and sprinkle flour over everything in the pan; cook, stirring, for 1 minute.

3. Return the chicken to the pan and pour in the remaining cider (or juice). Cover and cook, stirring once or twice, until the sauce has thickened and the chicken is cooked through, about 3 minutes more.

At this point I was salivating.

The blogger recommended serving this with wild rice, but I didn’t have any, so I just steamed some broccoli and some leftover cornbread from my company’s chili cook-off we had today. (I won for spicy chili! I’ll post that recipe later.)


The kitchen smelled great when I added the cider to the apples, and the flavor didn’t disappoint. I never thought about the thyme and salt with the apples, but it was a great combination. Here are the stats from the recipe as it was in the blog:

Per serving: 287 calories; 10 g fat (1 g sat, 5 g mono); 63 mg cholesterol; 26 g carbohydrate; 0 g added sugars; 24 g protein; 4 g fiber; 496 mg sodium; 415 mg potassium. Nutrition bonus: Vitamin C (18% daily value).

Give it a try and tell me what you think!


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