I’m Married!!! Part 3

In case you missed it… Part 1 & Part 2

We arrived at the farm while the guys were finishing up their photos, so I had to hang out in my truck for a while until they were sure M couldn’t see me. Then it was our turn to strike a pose in front of the camera, and I was surprised at how much fun we had, even without doing the cheesy photos (I am not a fan of the whole bridal party jumping up–sorry). I was nervous leading as we headed back to my truck to wait for guests to arrive. My bridesmaids hung out around the truck, making sure I was calm and staying warm.

Then it was time.

I heard my music begin for the mothers to walk down the aisle–my brother-in-law (who was also our officiant) was walking my mom down while M walked his mom down to meet his groomsmen. I had a lot of fun (but also was pretty stressed) choosing all the music for the ceremony. You see, this was truly a “do-it-yourself” wedding because I wrote the entire ceremony (minus M’s vows, but including the prayer his grandfather said) and chose all the music for our non-traditional wedding. For the mothers’ walk I chose the Vitamin String Quartet’s version of “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Then I had my bridesmaids walk down to another string version of Train’s “Marry Me“, and our recessional was the Vitamin String Quartet’s version of “Viva La Vida“.

The song I walked down the aisle with my father was Brad Paisley’s “Then.” Matt has always said that was “our song”, but when it came time to choose songs for the ceremony and our first dance, we had to choose between that and “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton. M and I have gone through a lot this year, particularly the past few months (hence my absence for a while), and I felt that Blake Shelton’s song hit me hard for the first dance, while “Then” was perfect for a walk down the aisle.

Walking down the aisle with my dad was so surreal–I never even dreamed about my wedding growing up.

My heart was in my throat as I walked towards my dad, who was waiting for me a good ways away–I totally missed Adrienne’s trip (and almost fall) while she was walking. When the first chords of our song started to play, I immediately started tearing up–this was really, truly happening! I told dad to take our time walking down the aisle–I wanted to soak in the moment (not to mention I wanted a good part of this wonderful song to be played). True to my dad’s form, he started trying to make me laugh as I was fighting back the tears (so that’s where I get it from), and I know he was trying to fight back his tears as well. It helped to have our dogs waiting at the back row–they always make me smile. I’d look up at M and see him wiping away tears, which immediately made me have to wipe away mine. He’d take a deep breath, and so would I. The moment was surreal.

The girls were standing at attention watching and waiting for mom to walk down the aisle. Soon it would be their turn.

The rest of the ceremony was everything I expected it to be–Jerry did a great job as our officiant and it meant a lot to have M’s grandfather do the prayer. M had me say my vows first, which was hard because I was shaking from the cold (and maybe the nerves) so much. My vows were serious, for the most part, and his were light-hearted to make us laugh–as should have been expected. And when Jerry asked, “May I have the rings, please?” The “dog wrangler” released Dally and LaMesa, and they ran down the aisle “carrying the rings” (the real rings were in the best man’s pocket). The only negative part of the ceremony was actually a highlight in most people’s eye–Dally put her “stamp of approval” by going behind the officiant and pooping, drawing everyone’s attention as she started kicking up the leaves. Everyone had a good chuckle about it.

Listening to M’s personally-written vows…

Then the big moment of our kiss, which we had joked about what we were going to do the days leading up to the wedding, but let me tell you…it was one awesome kiss and I didn’t feel the least bit concerned about having an audience! 😉 My brother-in-law had us turn around and he pronounced us Mr. and Mrs.! Yay! We walked down the aisle with huge grins and the two pups followed along, streaking behind us.

I admit it, I asked M if the hand he offered me for his ring was the correct hand–I totally blanked on “left” and “right”! LOL

After everyone was excused, we took more photos with family and the bridal party, then we got to walk around the farm on our own for some photos. (I’ll post some sneak peek photos from the photographer on a later post.) I just couldn’t wait until we were ready to join everyone for the big party…err, I mean reception…

(Special thanks to my friends Jodi and Camille for these photos)


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