I’m Married!!! Part 2

Part 1

Saturday morning (Oct. 6) I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm and instantly looked at my weather app and the radar–clear skies and cool temperatures!! I was so relieved! Sure it was going to be a chilly evening, but I was OK with that!

I packed up my last-minute items (including my dress) and the pups (oh you knew they were going to be in the wedding, come on now!) into my truck (and you knew I’d be driving my truck to my wedding) and drove the 30 minutes up to Georgetown to the hotel my family was staying. I dropped Dally and LaMesa at my parents’ room and picked up my mom, sister, and bridesmaids for breakfast. After a longer-than-planned, but very filling, breakfast, we swung by Starbucks for some warm drinks and headed to the farm to start setting up. The plan was for the girls to get some things started–set the first few chairs up for the ceremony so the guys know how we want them, set up the tables and do the decorations how I wanted them, and finalize any other things we didn’t do the previous night. Then the boys would show up while we were getting our hair and make-up done and finish everything up.

My groom sent me this photo to make sure the ceremony site was set up the way I wanted it (that’s one of his groomsmen in the middle). Perfect!

The setup was a breeze with all my helpful ladies–my bridesmaids did not disappoint when it came to support! Even my friend from college’s mom chipped in before she had her own big project to complete. See, Adrienne’s mom, whom I call “Momma D”, drove all the way from Massachusetts to Kentucky to bake my wedding cake and cupcakes! (How awesome is that!?)

Anyway, we completed our parts on the farm, then headed back to the hotel to start getting ready and, hopefully, relax. I had a friend from volleyball who is a hair stylist come do my and my sister’s hair, while Adrienne had a friend do hers. Mollie and I had a couple of sessions with my hair, trying to find out exactly what type of curl would hold, etc. I found my hair inspiration from Pinterest and a few hair pins with crystals on the end–no veil (unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the back of my hair right now, but definitely will as I get more wedding photos).

Bridesmaid Adrienne doubled as the make-up artist for me!

We were pretty relaxed while getting ready. I think part of it had to do with Merinda picking up a couple of bottles of Moscato wine! šŸ˜‰

I did my best to just take in the whole day and the laughter with my friends. On top of my bridesmaids being in the room, my friend from work came to take photos of us getting ready, and another friend from college (whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time) drove in from a horse show to get ready with us. I don’t think it really hit me that I was getting married that day until I went into the bathroom after putting on my dress, cowboy boots, necklace that my mom made me, and had my makeup done. I looked in the mirror and literally my first thought was: “Holy sh*t, I’m getting married today.” I seriously said that out loud.

Putting the final piece to the puzzle: My sister (MOH) helped me with my necklace. My mom made the necklace for my wedding day with an antique broach purchased from a friend’s shop and multiple colors/sizes of pearls. I love it!

After Merinda had walked the pups (who were also all dressed up for the occasion), we all piled into our different cars (my sister and I rode in my truck with Adrienne) and headed to the farm for the big night!



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