I’m Married!!! Part 1

Life has calmed down immensely for me, which means I can get back to blogging hopefully more regularly than I have been lately. Part of that craziness that has been my life lately has been planning my wedding. Well, October 6 came and M and I are now husband and wife!!

The week leading up to the wedding was uber stressful for me. The forecast was calling for 60% chance of rain and cold temperatures. Our wedding and reception was outside, but we had a tent for the reception, but I was still concerned about the logistics of parking, myself getting rained on, etc. But as the days continued, the chances for rain got smaller and smaller. When I woke up Saturday morning of my wedding, the first thing I did was check the radar–not a single rain cell in sight! Of course it was still chilly (lower 60s), but people could dress warmly, so I wasn’t too concerned about that.

M did his best to liven the mood when we were stressed a couple days before the wedding.

Friday was the big day of setup. M and I were very lucky to have a great core group of friends and family who showed up to help with the tent and table setup. The boys and my dad hung the lights and we tentatively set up the tables to see how we wanted everything laid out. Then we headed back to the host hotel to scarf down some “country cookin'” of Cracker Barrel at our rehearsal dinner. (The comfort food of chicken and dumplins, mac and cheese, biscuits, etc., was perfect to help soothe my nerves.)

Then it was time to say goodbye to my fiance for the last time–he was staying at the hotel and I was driving back, with the pups, to sleep at our house. I went home to finish up some last minute things: a memorial for M’s best friend who was killed in action in Afganistan, putting the homemade “Peanut Butter Puppers” I baked for our favors (we are dog people and knew most of our guests have dogs), gathering my overnight bag, etc. It was hard to wind down to go to sleep at a decent hour, so I moved to the bedroom with the last of the thank you cards to write in bed in hopes I’d fall asleep.

I just knew I wanted to be able to take in everything about my wedding day–I had so many tell me their wedding day went by so quickly and to enjoy it…

The initial setup of the ceremony site (this was actually on Saturday morning, but just a tease of the setup).


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