Wedding Countdown: Less Than 3 Months

We’re really starting to get down to the wire with the wedding planning. We’re talking 2.5 months to go … CA-RAZY!!!

Since my last wedding planning update, I finally finished up the concept and design of the wedding invitations. My friend Camille, a graphic designer, designed the invites for me and I found a printer who gave me a great deal on printing, folding, and perforating the RSVP card at the bottom of the invite. (My invites are all one piece–folded up from the bottom, with the RSVP card able to be torn off and mailed back to me–easy, huh??)

(Sorry for the blurry photo) A quick glance at the invites’ main side…

Then I borrowed a scrapbooking corner cutter from Camille to cut the top corners, just to give the invites a little extra character. Then I used a stamp and wax to seal the invitations (and, yes, they were able to be mailed with a 65 cent stamp). The wax was a nice touch, I think, because of the rustic look we’re going for, plus M and I are both Maker’s Mark Ambassadors, so we’re fans of the red wax. 😉

Invitations sealed with a “kiss” of red wax…

It was like pulling teeth to get M to help with the invitations by printing labels, but when he finally did, it helped expedite things. (I don’t have the neatest handwriting, nor do I know anyone with neat, let along fancy, handwriting to handwrite addresses, so I bought clear address labels and let our personal printer do the work.) I got the first part of invitations out in the mail that following Monday. (We’re still waiting on some addresses, and then I need to purchase more stamps–those are expensive!)

That same weekend I decided to have a little fun and do some boot shopping for my wedding dress! I always knew I was going to get married wearing cowboy boots, and I wanted to purchase a new pair that I knew I would wear at other times (I have a few older pairs, but they’re not as comfortable any more, so it was time for a new set). I knew I wanted square-toes, and I wanted a fancy top, but I also had a strict budget to stick to, so no fancy leather (no ostrich print, no aligator, just boring cowhide).

We settled on a fun pair that incorporates all the colors–dark brown saddle, jewel-blue top (my “something blue”), and even the stitching has my wedding colors of brick red and burnt orange = WIN!

Could these be the perfect boots? Quite possibly!

I had my friend, who helped fit me for the boots, set them aside so I can come back later to purchase them. I’ll get them in time to wear them around the house to break in and have them for my first dressing fitting.

So now time to finish mailing out invitations and start working on finalizing ceremony and reception decorations, and finalize cake/cupcake stuff with my friend’s mom who’s baking them for me!

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