Blogging Blues

It’s been a while since I’ve really blogged consistently and it disheartens me that I have slacked off so much. There are a few reasons as to why:

1.)   I ran my half marathon at the end of April, so I no longer have long training runs to blog about any more right now. I’m trying to get back into running longer distances now that my foot and IT band seem to have relaxed, but I also need to find the time to do so (see my next bullet point).

2.)   My free time has completely gone out the window. With working my regular 8-5 job Monday-Friday, I’m working my reffing gig 2-3 nights a week from 6 until midnight, or later. I have just enough time between jobs to get in a quick workout at the gym before I have to be at the bar ready to ref for the next handful of hours. This also means I have less time to spend at home with M and the pups, which means less walks for the dogs and less home cooked meals and relaxation in front of the television when I did most of my writing.

3.)   I’ve hit a serious wall when it comes to motivation when it comes to writing. I used to complain about never getting to write any more, so that’s part of why I started a blog (and started freelancing again). But now, I’m not motivated to write as much as I used to. I think this all stems from the lack of time. The little bit of downtime I have now, I just want to veg and enjoy my time because it’s very rare any more.

4.)   I’ve lost motivation to eat healthy, which depresses me. I’m still eating like I was running a ton when I was training, which isn’t healthy. So it’s hard for me to admit that on a blog for everyone to read.

5.)   I just have this feeling of “BLAH” and totally unmotivated about much right now.

So there are my excuses. I know, I know. Excuses are like…everyone has them. And I promise I’m going to get things back in order and get back on the right track.

Starting this week!!

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