Can You Imagine Running 50 Miles?

A quick post for today. I have to send you to my Twitter friend, Eric’s, blog as he prepares for the Leadville 100–that’s right, a 100 mile race!! Wow!

Over the weekend he ran 50 miles and then posted about what it was like to run those 50 miles. I still remember every feeling I had while running the half marathon earlier this month, let alone 26.2 or even 50 miles! It is inspiring to me that he pushed his body that far and he is still so positive about running and adding on the mileage. Go Eric, go!!

Read for yourself: So, What’s It Like to Run 50 Miles?


One thought on “Can You Imagine Running 50 Miles?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Megan! Took yesterday off and back at it this evening. Surprised that the recovery actually feels a little easier than if I had raced a marathon hard. Maybe it just gets easier the more miles you add? I wish!

    Good luck with all of your running plans for the year!

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