My “Evening Job”

Last year I started another second job (since I already freelance write on the side and work as a horse show secretary a couple weekends a year). This is more of a seasonal outdoor job that lasts from late April until early October, rain or (sun/moon) shine. The pay is decent, the co-workers are fun, and some times the “customer” can get a little too rowdy…

I ref sand volleyball games at a local German bar. It’s a lot of fun, but the hours can be long. Last year I worked almost every evening, which was hard on my physically and hard on M and the pups because I was never home. This year, however, I’m only working three nights a week, which is much better. However, the hours are still long. On Tuesday nights, for example, my first game starts at 6:10 pm and my last game starts at 12:30 am. Yep…I basically work my 8 am until 1:30 am. (My “career job” is from 8-5.)

It’s a fun gig to have because of the eclectic groups that sign up to play volleyball. You’ve got the players that played in college and even travel to some of the bigger beach volleyball tournaments in Florida, and then you have the group of girls who just thought it’d be fun to get a team together and drink…and every once in a while hope they score a point. There are times when the players get on your nerves–quite a few will argue calls, and some will make their own calls that you perhaps didn’t see, but you just say “OK” and go on. But, for the most part, it’s fun.

The big negative is just the toll it takes on my sleep. Monday nights I don’t get home until about 12:30, close to 1 am. Tuesday nights, it’s closer to 1:45 am. So of course, I’m dragging all Wednesday. Some times I can go to bed early that night, after my agility class, but because my body gets used to staying up so late, it’s hard to relax and go to sleep earlier.

Because of this, my whole schedule is out of whack, but more on that in an upcoming post.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I’ve been quiet a little lately–any extra free time at night is no longer, so I have to squeeze in time to do just about anything extra (wedding planning, workouts, etc.) when I can.

The courts at the German bar I ref sand volleyball at.

We have two courts going at once–so lots of action!


One thought on “My “Evening Job”

  1. I used to play beach volleyball when I lived on LI. We got a team together with work people and really it was just an excuse to drink beer and grill in between playing a few games. Those games were self-reffing though and man teams either loved us or hated us. We totally sucked, first of all so that didn’t help when we played good teams. When we got a team that was just like us, it was awesome. We would call do overs, or have players switch teams, etc. Then it was really fun. My friend still play and they’re a lot better without me there. But, I really miss it.

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