First Runs Post-Race

After work Wednesday, I ventured out for my first run since the half marathon–a hot, sweaty, but speedy 1.8 mile jaunt near my gym for a warm-up in 15:53 (8:49 average). it felt great to really get out and sweat, stretch my legs, and breathe some fresh air.

Then this morning I ran with my morning running buddies on another loop for 4.71 miles. The air was hot and humid at 5:30 already, and since I am battling a bum foot (once again), and running with a couple of others, it was a slower rate of 10:22 average pace (though I did have a negative split at the end when I broke off on my own). The runs felt great–I loved stretching my legs and getting back into the groove (of course the 5 am alarm was hard to appreciate after long nights of reffing volleyball at the bar). Now if I can just battle this pesky foot…

I’m sure you’re all aware of the different injuries I’ve endured training for my half marathon last weekend. I recovered from my left foot injury, and then I strained my right hamstring a week before the race (foot recovered). My hamstring recovered in time for the half marathon, and my IT band bothered me during the event. Thirty-six hours later, my left foot struck again after wearing flip-flops while having a cookout with friends.

Now, days later, my foot still hurts, and I can’t walk barefoot or even in regular shoes without my ProSteps (and even now lately, it still hurts even with the insoles). I’m so frustrated.

I have a call into my doctor and I hope they can send me to a specialist or maybe a sports medicine specialist in the next week so I can get some answers. If it’s a tendon that needs me to go back into a walking boot (which I loathed wearing for six weeks last year when I fractured my right foot) for weeks, I’m going to go crazy! I can’t imagine having to take time off from my training (running and dog agility) right now.

Have you ever felt like there are way too many things battling against you to achieve your goals?


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