Half Marathon Taper Week–Not What I Expected

So this week has been my “tapering” week for my half marathon (countdown is down to less than two days now). Originally I had planned to continue waking up early in the morning for some yoga throughout the week, and one 4-mile morning run on Tuesday. However, with volleyball starting up, Monday and Tuesday nights saw me out until midnight, and not able to fall asleep until closer to one, so five in the morning would have come way too early.

But also bring in a little bit more difficulty with, yet another, injury (possible pulled hamstring, but never diagnosed), and you’ve got a case for tapering craziness.

I’ve done nothing athletically all week long, besides walking my dogs 0.75 miles every day on my lunch break. Instead, I’ve been foam rolling and icing my hamstring, willing it to heal quickly just to get me through 13.1 miles on Saturday. With the concern of my sore hamstring (which is slowly feeling better, thankfully), is the thought “Did I do enough training for this half marathon?”

I was doing great, until the end of March when I had to travel to Reno for a week and then I had to recover from my heel injury (which isn’t an issue any more, thank goodness!) for another week or two. Then I came back rearing to go and ran 11.25 miles after a couple shorter runs, and then ran like normal last week: three runs throughout the week totaling a little more than 12 miles, then my 12.25 mile run on Saturday. I felt great in that 12 mile run–better than I thought I would. So I should feel a little confident to tackle 13.1 miles Saturday, right?

I need some encouragement to stop the negative thoughts in my head. I know running long distances is just as much mental as it is physical, and while I was feeling strong in both departments, I’m now feeling pretty weak on both sides.

Meanwhile, I’m amping up my water and PoweradeZero intake today (after being woken up with leg cramps the past couple of nights) and will do some carb-loading tomorrow. I hope to hit up the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Expo this afternoon so I have my stuff now, but time might deter me from that.


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