Wedding Planning Update: We Will Have Music!

After a relaxing Sunday (still recovering from my 12 mile run on Saturday), M and I met with a potential DJ for our wedding at a nearby Starbucks. I went into the meeting unsure of what to expect. I knew the guy had a lot of experience (he’s a radio DJ and has more than 25 years of experience DJing weddings), but I was worried about his price.

We’re working with a very limited budget and relying on a lot of help when it comes to DIY projects and such to make-up for what we can’t afford to hire out. But I know a DJ is one place where we didn’t want to have to worry about skimping on because we know that a DJ can make or break a wedding reception. And since I don’t have anyone acting as a wedding coordinator or bridal consultant, I would rather have someone who knows how things are supposed to run to alleviate my stress the day-of (let’s face it…I’ll still be stressed until the whole darn thing is over).

The meeting went very well–he seemed really at ease with us and M really liked him. The guy was funny and said he was very flexible with genres of music, etc. He could even help us out during the reception with music, which was another big concern of mine. Plus, he was willing to bring down his price to work with us–SOLD! We shook hands and are expecting the contract in the mail soon.

We had a goal of hiring a DJ by the end of April and we made that deadline by one week–good for us! So that’s one more thing to cross off of our to-do list, which helps me relax a little more going into this crazy week I have. (More on that later.)

Now it’s time to focus on the “little things”: wedding invites, settling on the bridesmaid dresses (got to get my sister to a David’s Bridal to try on the girls’ choice!), choosing the men’s outfits (M believes he should be able to wear jeans and a shirt….nope! Sorry buddy!), and the music homework Mike gave us (decide what songs we’d like played for certain things, list favorite genres and perhaps specific songs we want played during the reception, etc.). This kind-of stuff can hopefully be squeezed in a little bit at a time here and there, as my (jam-packed) schedule allows it. And M’s been kicked into high gear to plan our honeymoon, so I hopefully won’t have to worry about that for very much longer.

So…I think we’re doing alright…right?


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