Last Long Training Run – 12 Miles

Saturday started off not the most promising when it comes to running weather. I had one last long training run to do before my first half marathon, and it was meant to be 12 miles. However, I woke up to very cold temperatures and rain–not the combination you prefer when you are about to run the longest distance of your life, so far. So I waited out the heavy rain, and thought about postponing my run until Sunday.

But then I got to thinking, what if the weather next week is the same as this week? I can’t just say, “Nope, I’ll wait until it’s a little warmer and drier, thanks.” Race organizers don’t refund or postpone because it’s a little chilly and wet. So I pulled out my winter running pants (will I ever be able to put those away??), pumped myself up, and set out to conquer the chill and 12 solo miles.

The run started out smooth, until I started along part of the route that had me running on a narrow, winding road along Thoroughbred farms that means traffic from either side and dodging cars. The extra kicker was trying to avoid the geese that were along the road, and hoping that I wasn’t running by their nests (which would mean the geese chasing me off–been there, done that, don’t want to do it again). Luckily, the geese seemed to not care about me. The yearlings, though, seemed entertained by watching this crazy girl struggle up and down the monstrous hills.

I was running these 12 miles by myself, but it surprisingly went well and I didn’t have any doubts that I could handle it on my own. Which is vastly different from my horrible solo 8 mile run a while ago. Which I think means I’m becoming more of a mature runner?

My splits:
Mile 1: 9:15
Mile 2: 9:24
Mile 3: 9:30
Mile 4: 9:31 (the “goose mile”)
Mile 5: 9:47 (the start of the hills)
Mile 6: 10:49 (walk to recover from the “goose mile” and first hill, then the monster hill)
Mile 7: 10:44 (made it up monster hill, walk to recover)
Mile 8: 9:57 (that’s more like it)
Mile 9: 10:50 (allowed myself another short walk somewhere in this mile)
Mile 10: 9:45
Mile 11: 10:13 (no walking here)
Mile 12: 9:46 (“sprinting” to the finish)
0.27 Nubbin: 2:39
Total: 12.27 miles in 2:02:15 (average 9:58)

I was hoping to try to push to at least 12.5 miles to get closer to 13, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. I’m happy with my run. I finished strong, which was what I wanted. I’ll accomplish that 13 mile run (plus 0.10 nubbin) next week, and this time, when I finish, I’ll have a cool medal around my neck to celebrate.

This week will be spent tapering. I plan to do one run in the morning, maybe Tuesday, of about 4 miles or so, and a few yoga workouts and some upper body and core workouts sprinkled in. I’m going to do my best to eat cleaner and hydrate more.

The one negative to my taper week is that I start my second job this week, which is reffing sand volleyball games at a local bar after work, so sleep will be at a premium. I have the day before the race off from work, but have to cover an event that night. So I hope I can make up the lack of sleep I’ll have that night throughout the week.

More on my thoughts leading into the race later this week…

How’d your weekend running go?


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