Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve decided to start doing some shorter blog posts so I hopefully have the time to blog more, instead of always doing the long, drawn-out posts like I previously have. So why not start with a preview into my weekend?

Tomorrow I’ll be exactly 7 days away from my first half marathon, and I starting to get to the point that I’m excited, but very nervous–What will the weather be like? Will I be able to run the whole thing? How will I meet up with my friends at the end? You know, the usual concerns of any racer.

So this weekend I’m going to get in one last long training run of 12 miles. In my original training plan, I had hoped to be running 13 this weekend, but that was before my injury that required me to take some time off from training. Oh well, 12 miles is pretty good, so I’ll have to be comfortable with that!

The rest of my weekend looks like I’ll be working on a freelance article, cleaning the house, and relaxing, as it’ll be the last weekend I have to just relax in a while, and it’ll be raining.

What are your big weekend plans?

Did you notice I changed up some things on my blog? I also spent some time on my dog agility blog, so I hope you like it!


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