What Heel Pain?

After considering the advice of a friend who has run multiple marathons, I headed over to John’s Run Walk Shop in search of some PowerStep orthopedic insoles and perhaps some more opinions about what could be wrong with my left foot.

After doing more research and focusing on my foot the past couple of days, I’m starting to wonder if it’s not plantar faciitis that is plaguing me, but maybe just a bruise or some sort of strain on my heel/tendon/ligament. After all, my foot doesn’t hurt in the morning when I wake up–it mostly hurts the more I am standing on it and active. I’m still doing all the PF exercises and therapies and treating my foot as such, but the pain has subsided, which is great!

So I went to the running store to try a pair of these (expensive) insoles. We placed them in my running shoes, then in my shoes I wore for work that day, and the saleswoman told me to always wear these insoles. OK, so this is going to be annoying to remember to move the insoles around (I can’t afford more than one pair at the moment), but I’ll do what she says because I’m desperate.

So last night I skipped spinning in a dark room for the sunshine and gorgeous evening of walking the dogs with M for the first time in two weeks. I was happy to report after walking almost three miles and then fixing dinner and grocery shopping, my heel wasn’t very sore. Score! So I decided to test out the new insoles with a short run before work with friends this morning.

We ran 3.5 miles, and it felt great! I only felt one little twinge towards the start of the run, but that might have been an odd step. The only odd thing was when I got into my truck to drive home, my knees suddenly felt like they were on fire! I don’t know if maybe the insoles has affected the way my foot strikes, thus affecting my stride and maybe my knees, or what, but man they were burning! It subsided by the time I got home, but I took the time to stretch before my shower, then iced my knees and my heel while watching the morning news.

Throughout the day, I’ve felt great–mentally and physically! (I love [and missed] those running endorphins.) I’m already planning my running for the rest of the week, including tackling a long run of 10-11 miles on Saturday (which I’m actually looking forward to, but I’m sure I’ll start getting nervous as we get closer).

I plan to still listen to my body and make sure my heel/foot doesn’t ache afterwards–if it does, I’ll cutback again. I’m just happy that I can run and that now maybe the half marathon isn’t out of my grasp.

So what do you think…I ran 11 miles back on March 24, and then (after a couple of days of 3.5-4.5 mile runs before Reno) nothing for almost two weeks. If I continue my shorter morning runs, is it feasible to expect to be able to handle a 10-11 mile run this weekend?


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