Saying Yes to the Bridesmaid Dress

A few weeks ago I was able to hang out with two of my bridesmaids for a few hours. After a 9-mile run (during which I ran the last 4 miles with AD), AD, Merinda, and I headed to David’s Bridal to look at bridesmaid dresses.

I had told my bridal party that I didn’t want to be the crazy bride the wanted expensive dresses for everyone and would state exactly what they were wearing and how they were wearing their hair. I was OK with the idea of everyone choosing their own style of dress, as long as it was the same color. I knew I had three women with three different body types and three different style ideas, so I want each of them to really like the dress, be comfortable, and not feel like that they’re wasting money on something they’ll only wear once and hate to see hanging in their closet.

The first dress was the best dress. (Can you tell we were acting silly that morning with our "runner's high"?)

I knew it was going to be a fun morning because both girls have such great attitudes, and I know they are supportive of me (which is part of why I chose them to be my bridesmaids). The appointment was surprisingly quick. I told the associate I wanted a brick-red for the color, nothing¬†strapless, and they didn’t need to be fancy (the ceremony is on a farm, after all). The first dress AD and Merinda tried on was the best one. The neckline was perfect for everyone and their individual concerns. It was a short dress, which could be perfect if we have a warm Kentucky October like normal. The fabric was cotton, and the dress even had pockets (which Merinda pointed out was perfect for holding treats for the dogs during the ceremony). It was cute!

We decided to try the other options, but they didn’t strike any of us as much as the first dress. We were in and out in like 30-40 minutes–new record! We wrote down everyone’s information and I told the associate I wanted my sister (my matron-of-honor) to see how she feels about the dress before we ordered them. Now she’ll be wildcard because I know she doesn’t like short dresses. However, I feel like these are flattering for everyone, especially if they want to wear cute cowboy boots like I’m planning to under my wedding dress (yes, you read that right).

The dress will be brick-red, but both of these colors look great on these girls anyway!

Hopefully in the next month Erin and I can do some sisterly bonding and look at dresses. I’d be alright with her wanting something a little different, as long as it was similar to AD and Merinda’s dress.

I don’t remember having an easier time choosing bridesmaids dresses, except for one occasion where the dress was chosen for us and we were just asked to try it on (yeah. that’s not ever fun). I wanted this to be just as much about them and how good they look as it was about me.


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