Back to the Daily Grind and a Splash of Disappointment

Dally and I in the mountains with Lake Tahoe behind us.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. Last Wednesday night I started my travel to Reno, Nev., for the 2012 AKC National Agility Championships which I was competing in with my Corgi, Dally. We competed Saturday and Sunday and finished in the top 10 for our jump height (I’m still not sure where we finished up), and then I flew back Monday. Today was spent catching up on everything at work, as well as catching up in the gym–I hadn’t worked out since Wednesday morning when we ran 3.5 miles before work.

I’m reviewing my weekend in Reno on my dog agility training blog, along with some photos and links to my videos, so if you’re interested in knowing how that went, please feel free to visit Agility On Stumps.

I had originally planned to run at least once while in Reno, and had got a couple of ideas of decent places to run, but the time just wasn’t there for me. Plus the weather wasn’t playing nicely–50-70 mph winds, etc. (On Saturday we experienced a dust storm, then sideways rain storm, then a blizzard all within four hours while we were at the trial!) So, I went five days without a single workout, minus the short bursts of sprints and turns while running my courses, walking Dally around, and the small sets of pushups and crunches, along with some yoga stretches I’d do in the hotel room when we first woke up. I hated not working out, but I knew my body also needed a break.

Unfortunately, I think I may be on a longer break than I had planned. Friday I started feeling a sharp pain in my left heel that just wouldn’t go away. It hurt after I ran, mostly because there’s a lot of stopping, turning, and pushing off in agility. I couldn’t honestly tell you exactly when the pain started, but I figure some time Friday. By Sunday, it hurt so bad after I’d finish a run that I would blink back tears as we crossed the final jump–not good.

I went to the doctor this morning and they took X-rays, but didn’t find heel spurs. So, the thought is either a tendon sprain or plantar fascititis (PF). I’ve been given a prescription for some stretches and exercies to do for PF and told to rest it some. It felt better earlier today, but after walking LaMesa a short bit at lunch, it hurt just as much as it had over the weekend.

Still committed to working out, I gritted my teeth as I ignored the gorgeous weather (upper 70s, sunny) and walked into the gym for spinning class, hoping that not putting direct pressure on my heel would help. After 45 minutes of sweating and grinding it out, my heel still hurt–arg! So now I’m updating my blogs while resting my heel on an ice pack.

So…what do I do now? My half-marathon is less than a month away (25 days to be exact), and I haven’t run in a week now. I had planned to try to run 10 or 11 miles while visiting my family in Indiana this coming weekend (I ran 11 miles the weekend before Reno), but now I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. I’m going to do my best to be patient, do the stretches/exercises and ice my foot the next couple of days and see where things are by the weekend–maybe I can at least squeeze in a 5-6 mile run this weekend?

Have you experienced PF? If so, any tips? Is my half now doomed??


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