Runner’s Brain?

Lately, when I’ve been running my long training runs, I’ve later suffered from what I’m calling (unscientifically) “runner’s brain.”

Let me explain: Once I’ve pushed through those final, long miles, I walk to cool out and bring my heartrate back down. No worries there. But then I find myself doing stupid things that isn’t like me. After one run, while driving downtown, I just turned in front of an oncoming car that was right in front of me–I didn’t notice them until I was suddenly like, “Holy crap!” Thankfully, the other driver was more aware than I was. This was after missing a turn I have always taken…

This past weekend, I couldn’t talk in complete sentences that made any sense at all. M would laugh at me as these antics continued on…not even able to hand him my card (well, I did, but my hand was empty).

So it makes me wonder…could it be the lack of oxygen from the run? I couldn’t find anything upon a search online, but maybe someone else can explain it for me. For now, I’m going to try to avoid driving after my long runs for at least a few hours…


One thought on “Runner’s Brain?

  1. I have felt weird after a long run before, but what you’re experience is probably an issue of nutrition and dehydration, which will affect the blood flow in your body.

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