A Busy Weekend

This was Dally Friday evening, pre-bath, enjoying one last romp at her favorite park before getting ready for Reno.

Yesterday was extremely busy, with my 11-mile training run (post to come, I promise!), yard work, and getting Dally’s things together for her trip to Reno. Remember how I’ve talked about doing agility with my two dogs? Well, Dally (my Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and I qualified for the AKC National Agility Championships, which are being held in Reno, Nev. She’s leaving before me because she’s riding across the country in a car full of otehr dogs, and one brave man who is driving them the 36 hours there.

Here’s my post from my dog agility training blog (Agility On Stumps) about her preparations. I’m going to be needing lots of positive vibes this coming week, folks…

Well, Dally’s bags are packed… She’s had her toenails have Dremeled, her toe hairs trimmed, and her dirty rough scrubbed to a brilliant white. She’s had her last chiropractor appointment. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be for the AKC National Agility Championships.

We’re heading to Cincy later today to meet with Dally’s ride to Reno–a couple from Columbus, Ohio, who are also competing at Nationals. Elissa runs a brindle French Bulldog named Scribbles (#1 Frenchie at the AKC Invitational) and her husband, Roger, runs a Pembroke (with a tail) named Keebler. Elissa is an animal behaviorist and Roger is a chiropractor (perfect combo, right??). Dally will be riding with Keebler, Scribbles, Gus (Camille’s dog, who they are also picking up at Queen City), another Pembroke named Hope, and an Australian Shepherd…all in a Toyota Rav 4! Roger will be heading West early Monday morning and hopes to make the trip in three 12-hour sections–depending on the weather (it’s a 36 hour drive to Reno from Columbus).

I’m more nervous, right now, about sending Dally off with them. I’m just nervous about how she’ll react to me “abandoning her” with these two “strangers” and how she’ll handle all the other dogs that are riding with her to Reno, let alone all the dogs at Elissa and Roger’s place. Call me overprotective, but I just worry she’ll be overwhelmed and upset. But, I think she’ll be OK once she gets into a routine with Roger and the other dogs.

All I know is I’ll be counting down the days until Thursday, when I fly out to Reno with Camille and we meet back up with Roger and the pups. I’m not going to want to let go of Dally once I see her!!

I’ll keep you updated on how things go…Elissa will be updating us on Facebook when she hears from Roger, so I’ll be glued to Facebook more than I already am.


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