Proud Alum: Go Racers!!

It’s the start of March Madness, and for almost everyone living in Lexington, they’re wearing their “Kentucky Blue” and preparing to cheer on the Wildcats in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. For others, though, they’re one of the few to not be on that bandwagon, and they’re cheering for another team (GASP! I know! How horrible would that be!?). I’m one of those people.

I’m a proud alumnus of Murray State University. I’ve always been in love with that school since the weekend my parents and I took a tour before I decided to attend there. Those were the best four years of my life. It may have been a “suitcase school” (meaning a lot of the students left campus every weekend, most to go home, but I didn’t–home was 6 hours away), but my friends and I always found things to do (it helps when you have a horse, or two, to ride and take care of).

So it’s with great pride that I do a shout-out for the Murray State Racers–the last of the unbeatens in Division 1, home of one of the top three point shooters in the country (Cannon!), and home of one of the best mascot–Racer 1!

I’m proudly rocking my navy blue (not “Ky Blue”) at work and will be a little sidetracked come noon today as they take on Colorado State.



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