Workouts: 3/5 – 3/10

This past week was very trying for me because of some personal things going on, but I still did my best to do my workouts and have some solid runs, because, after all, the workouts keep me sane and clear my mind from the day.

Monday, March 5: No morning run (long weekend at the agility trial), but I did a solid 30 minute run on the treadmill (3.15 miles in 30 minutes with a 1.5 incline). After the run, I got in an intense weight training session with some squats, lunges, plie squats for my legs, an upper body workout, and some hard-core movements. Loved it!!

Tuesday, March 6: Yoga with Bob in the morning, then a medium-length dog walk after work. I filled in for a friend’s volleyball team in two grueling games that night that left my right shoulder sore from the amount of hitting and serves that it wasn’t used to in quite a while.

Wednesday, March 7: We hit the ellipticals before work–4.3 miles in 52 minutes to get in some cardio without the beating of the knees on the treadmill. Another medium-length dog walk after work before the girls and I had agility class the rest of the evening.

Thursday, March 8: We got to run outside before work, and it felt great!! We ran the same route we ran the week before, but my GPS measured awkwardly (I think it was that sun storm that morning), saying it was only a 3.9 mile run in 40:28 (the week before it was 4.7 miles…). I worked out some work aggressions in the gym later with an upper body and core weight session.

Friday, March 9: Off day! Just a dog walk after work to stretch their legs before friends came over for Girls’ Night.

Saturday, March 10: Long training run–9 miles!! It was an early morning, cold run, but I had to get it done early and I was happy to get it done. It felt great! After breakfast and a quick bridesmaids’ dress shopping trip, I took the dogs to the agility practice field for some work that wore my legs out even more (but it had to get done!). The rest of the day called for rest and relaxation–I deserved it!

Totals for the past week:
Walking: 8.12 miles
Running: 20.44 miles


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