9 Miles & Done!

Yesterday was an extremely busy day morning. After a girls’ night with a couple of friends for a Mary Kay party Friday night, I had to get an early start to squeeze in my 9 mile training run before we had an appointment to look at bridesmaids’ dresses (more on that later). So, up and at-em at 6 am, I was out the door to tackle 9 miles and the 27* crisp air.

The main difference from my rough 8 miles last week was that my friend Adrienne (who has run in half marathons before) was going to meet me for the last three miles to help encourage me to the end–which I needed.

Surprisingly, even after a late night of pizza and Birthday Cake Oreos, I felt great running the same route I ran last week. I even ran through the parts that I walked last week, which was great!

As the miles ticked away, I cheered each and every one of them, celebrating being done with 4 miles and knowing I only had 5 more to go, and so on. I figured those little celebrations would keep me motivated to keep going and push to the end. As I rounded into the park near my home, I called up Adrienne and she met me for the last 3 miles, chatting about random things and laughing as I cussed the hills (there are no lack of hills running around Lexington). Only at one point did I think about walking, but I was so close to the end, I didn’t want to admit defeat. My hip only started bothering me in the last mile, but we pushed through and when my Garmin hit 9, we high-fived and happily walked around the block and back home.

My splits:
   Mile 1: 9:15
   Mile 2: 9:02
   Mile 3: 9:38
   Mile 4: 9:36
   Mile 5: 9:55
   Mile 6: 10:10
   Mile 7: 9:51
   Mile 8: 9:40
   Mile 9: 9:49
   Total: 1:27:21 for 9.04 miles

I am so happy to see that I’m starting to get consistent with my pace throughout the mileage. I started out a little fast, yet again, but then brought it back to where I was more comfortable. I realize I probably need to slow down my pace a little more for the even longer runs, to maybe closer to a 10 minute mile, at least for training purposes while I’m adjusting to the longer mileage, then the times can start getting faster.

And, yes, running with a buddy makes a big difference! Now, maybe I can find someone to help me get through 10 miles next weekend…


One thought on “9 Miles & Done!

  1. Congratulations on your 9 mile run! Running with someone does help keep things interesting!

    I saw on your About Me that you are running the Kentucky Derby Festival Half. Definitely on my race bucket list (as is the Kentucky Derby). I bet that will be a fun first for you.

    Good luck in your training!

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