Last Week’s Workouts – 2/26 – 3/3

Mother Nature blessed me with awesome running weather all week long!

Monday, Feb. 27: Because of a long weekend at the trial, I slept in Monday morning and chose to run outside after work. I was aiming for four miles, but my loop ended up taking me nearly five miles–and I felt great!! I didn’t even think to stop and walk at any time–since when did that start happening!?

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Yoga morning with Bob again! I had a breakthrough with some of the mroe difficult moves, which made me feel great! A short weight workout after work, then a walk with the dogs finished the day.

Wednesday, Feb. 29: Hard morning run on the treadmill for 3.33 miles–I’m not sure why it was a hard run, I was at 1.5 incline and only running about 6.2. Must have been an off day.

Thursday, March 1: A great morning run on a new route with Melanie saw us hit 4.77 miles, with just a few short walks (Melanie’s getting over being sick). It felt great running outside in the morning again.

Friday, March 2: Day off, except to walk the dogs.

Saturday, March 3: Long training run day!! 8 hard, long miles saw me start off really fast, then slowing down towards the end of the run because of my worn out legs. I later had to walk the dogs, and that was the longest 2.66 mile walk ever!

Totals for the past week:
   Run: 21.1 miles
   Walk: 12.69 miles

This week I’m working towards a 9 mile long run (ack!) and I really want to incorporate more weight training again (more on this later) because I’ve been missing it.


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