Relaxation Sunday & Time-Suckers

So today was one of those rare Sundays where I really didn’t have anything planned and I wasn’t looking for something to do. I just had a couple of things on my mind: enjoy a big Sunday breakfast with Matt, clean the house and get groceries (desperately needed), and try to make something new for dinner. We were also crossing our fingers we’d get some accumulated snow today, but that was a bust (we haven’t had an actual snow accumulation all winter long, which has been a bummer for the dogs and those of us who relish a good snow every once in a while).

However, today was very relaxing–which was needed after that hard 8 mile run yesterday. Relaxing days like this can only be helped by time-suckers that grab your attention and keep you leafing through things for hours on end. Facebook used to do that for me, but now I’m a huge Pinterest fan (follow me!). Have you checked it out yet? For the most part it’s a place where people exchange recipes and outfit ideas. Whether you actually put together that outfit or fix that recipe is up to you. Those who are DIY people also love it, and I have to say, I have been creating a board for wedding ideas and love sharing them with my friends to see if they think we can do it.

I love having the Pinterest app on my iPhone because I can easily tap on the recipe “pins” while I’m at the store, just like I did this morning when getting ingredients for tonight’s potato soup. (I have two different potato soup recipes on my board–an “easy”, but not so healthy Crock Pot version and a healthy version. Tonight, unfortunately, we’re going to be not-so-healthy [though I did my best with 98% fat-free chicken broth, etc.] because we don’t have an immersion blender [but, yes, I am registering for one now].) I’ve also made a delicious cookie recipe for a work event that got rave reviews.

Reading others’ blogs is also a big time-suck for me. I’ve mentioned before what my favorites were, but I’m always searching for ones by my #runchat tweeps and anything else.

And when it comes to television, there’s no other bigger time-suck than Food Network and anything wedding-related for me right now (“Say Yes to the Dress,” “My Fair Wedding by David Tutera,” and “Four Weddings”). Though today it’s been about catching up on “Project Runway All Stars” on the DVR and a little Food Network with “Cupcake Wars.”

So what did you do on your Sunday? I hope you got to relax, and, if so, what are your favorite time-suckers?


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