And Then I Ran 8 Miles

(And other musings while on a long training run…)

Before my run: Rocking the winter running pants, short sleeved tech shirt, 3/4 zipper Brooks running pullover, and fleece pullover. The fleece wouldn't last very long.

This morning I set-out on my longest training run so far in this journey towards my first half marathon. It was a bit of a weird morning because: (1) It was the morning after a horrendous line of storms came through the area with tornadoes and severe storms (so it was a freezing 35*, compared to the 70* it was yesterday) and (2) I was running by myself for the first time on a long run.

I created my own route hoping it would add up to 8 miles, but I had an idea of where I could add more road if needed. I set out wearing what I had hoped was the right about of clothing and the right amount of excitement to carry me through the 70-80 minutes.

I started out strong and maybe a little too fast, but because my Garmin had died and I can’t find my charger (supremely irritated) I was relying just on my RunKeeper on my iPhone, which was in my Spii Belt, so I didn’t want to keep checking my pace. I ran the first 2.5 miles until my next turn, when I had to stop and walk while I peeled off my fleece and navigated a rough walkway (no more sidewalk for 0.2 miles…really Lexington!?). Then off I went again, running part of the route Melanie and I ran Thursday morning.

I felt great for the first part of my run–I was rocking my new IT Band compression wrap and I had some great tunes playing. But after a while, my blister Band-Aid had fallen off my blister (ouch!) and my legs tired. My legs tiring was frustrating because I had taken Friday completely off–no yoga and just a short dog walk because of the storms–so they had to be rested, right?? Ugh.

I pushed through, though, only stopping to walk a couple of times, and once to fix my blister cover. But I was pushing it and just wanted to be done. You can tell by my splits how tired I was getting, but I’m just proud of myself for pushing through. But I have no clue how I’ll get through the next long training runs coming up if 8 miles was this hard!

While I was running, alone, I had some random thoughts:

  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that Lexington was named the “Most Sedentary” by Men’s Health Magazine–to not have sidewalks along a popular stretch of road!? Srsly.
  • I really need to update my song list on my MP3 player and figure out how to delete songs from it as well. Any recommendations?
  • I really need to figure out how to dress appropriately for colder weather.
  • It really does help having a running buddy for the longer runs–not only do they help you pace yourself, but they make the time go by faster.

Here are my splits:
  Mile 1: 8:34
  Mile 2: 8:37
  Mile 3: 10:14 (where I had to walk .2 due to rough terrain)
  Mile 4: 8:57
  Mile 5: 9:14
  Mile 6: 9:41 (<–Can you tell I was starting to tire?)
  Mile 7: 10:16 (had to wait a while to cross traffic)
  Mile 8: 10:08
  Total for 8.05 miles = 1 hour 16 minutes 17 seconds

After a stretch and foam rolling session, I rested for a couple of hours before the dogs pestered me enough to take them on a walk (and boy was that a hard 2 mile walk!). Now Matt and I are meeting friends for dinner where I won’t feel bad scarfing some good pizza to celebrate my run and the fact that my alma mater, Murray State, won the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Championship, on top of the regular season title! Go Racers!!


4 thoughts on “And Then I Ran 8 Miles

  1. I can only hope to be where you’re at right now! Awesome work! Is it Lex, KY?? I lived there for a while! Love the town and wish I could come back! Anyway….I’m in a rough patch where I haven’t worked out in days. I hope I can push through it and someday be where you are! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Great run! I have always heard about dressing for the cold to think it is 20 degrees warmer than actual, because once you get going, it will feel like it.

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