This Week’s Workouts (2/19 – 2/25)

This past week was an odd one as far as scheduling my workouts. I had an agility trial over the weekend, so I couldn’t run my seven miles on Saturday as originally planned. So I took to my weather app on my iPhone and saw that Thursday was supposed to be in the lower 60s and perfect for an after-work long run. With this in mind, I ran on the treadmill Monday morning, followed by an elliptical workout Tuesday morning, and more yoga than normal the rest of the week to allow for rested legs for my longest run, to date.

Monday, Feb. 20: 4.05 miles on the treadmill for a strong run to start off the week. This was followed by a light leg workout after work and a long walk with the dogs.

Tuesday, Feb. 21: On the elliptical for 51 minutes, I did 4.45 miles, which was a nice change of pace from the wear and tear I get on the treadmill. The dogs got a bit longer walk later that night after I did an upper body workout at the gym.

Wednesday, Feb. 22: Did my one-hour Yoga for the Warrior DVD with Bob Harper. I feel like I’m actually starting to get the hang of all the poses and am getting better at the more advanced moves–yay!

Thursday, Feb. 23: Long run! Unfortunately I was only able to get in about 4.8 miles outside because of the storms coming in faster, so I moved into the gym and finished my 7-miler on the treadmill for 2.3 miles in 21.56 (I pushed it because I was so frustrated with Mother Nature).

Friday, Feb. 24: Took the day off, except for walking the dogs on my lunch break–quads felt a little rubbery, which was different for me.

Saturday, Feb. 25 – Sunday, Feb. 26: “Off days” as far as schedule workouts, but I was still moving and grooving with the agility trial and running two dogs–lots of sprinting, stopping, turning, etc. Even though the runs are only like a minute or so long (sometimes less, sometimes more), you can come out of there breathing hard! (Watch this video to see how much I’m moving, directing, etc., all within 40 seconds or so.)

Totals for this week:
Run – 15.6 miles
Walk –  7.99 miles

So this week I’m hoping for more structure again. I took the morning off from the beating of the dreadmill because it’s in the upper 50s and sunny today–perfect for a four mile run after work! Over the weekend I was concerned I might have some minor shin splints, but I think it was just my legs being tired from standing/walking on concrete from the weekend and they were still recovering from the long run. I’m scheduled to do 8 this weekend, so I’m crossing my fingers for some nice weather Saturday and some solid workouts throughout the week.


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