End of Week 4 for the Half: 7 Miles Done!

Sure the clouds look ominous, but maybe I can squeeze in 7 miles...right?? Wrong.

This week’s training for the half marathon was pretty wonky considering my weekend schedule. Normally I’d do my runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, with yoga DVDs Tuesday and Friday, then my long run on Saturday. However, I have an agility trial in Ohio this weekend and I wouldn’t have had the time, nor the ability, to squeeze in a seven mile run. So, I had to improvise and decide whether to run Thursday evening after work or Friday morning before work. When I saw the extended forecast for Thursday, and how it was supposed to be 67 degrees, I jumped at the chance for a gorgeous after work run! (So I ran four miles Monday morning, did the elliptical Tuesday morning, hard yoga DVD Wednesday morning, and easy yoga DVD Thursday morning.)

Little did I know that as it got closer to 5 pm Thursday as my excitement (yes, excitement) for seven miles grew, storm chances were growing as well. The projected time for the storms to arrive was around 6:30, so I figured I had a good window with my 9:30/10 minute average mile time.

That was until about the 3 mile mark, when we started seeing lightning in the distance. Still a couple of miles away from where someone could pick us up, Melanie called a friend to pick us up closer to where we were when the big rain drops started to fall. I still wanted to push to try to hit 7, but Mother Nature was not into playing along. Finally at the 4.8 mile mark on my Garmin, our friend drove by and we piled into the Jeep, headed back to the gym where we had parked. I immediately hopped out of the car and ran into the gym, determined to finish my 7 mile run on the treadmill, and I pushed it for 2.3 miles for a total of 7.1 (to go along with my 6.1 mile run Saturday…might as well since a half is 13.1 miles, right?).

Here’s the rundown of my run:
My (outdoors) splits:
Miles 1 & 2: 19:17 (avg. 9:40 per mile)
Mile 3: 9:05
Mile 4 (plus 0.8 mi nubbin): 17:29 (avg. 9:41 per mile)
Outdoor Total: 45:52 for 4.8 miles
My indoor split:
2.3 miles: 21:56 (avg. 9:32 per mile)
7.1 Mile Total:  67:48

Overall, I felt great! My hip started to bother me around six miles again, but I pushed through. I put the incline for the treadmill at 1.5 and just pushed through until the end. I wanted to be able to say I ran 7 miles, and I did it!

This morning my quads feel tired, but my hip isn’t too bad (a long stretching session, followed by some painful foam rolling helped, I hope). I’m going to force myself not to go to the gym after work, even though I’d mostly work my upper body and core, but I don’t know if I can take it too easy (won’t do much but sprints this weekend while running agility).

Happy running!!


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