Going Left at the Fork in the Road

Ever since I was in grade school I wanted to be a journalist, and as I grew up I focused on equine journalism because it combined my love of horses and writing. So I took that dream to the perfect school, for me, and graduated cum laude with aspirations of covering some of the largest horse events in the country and seeing my name on glossy magazine pages.

I paid my dues with freelancing, interning at one of the premiere horse associations and publications, and then started on ground level at another top international horse association and its publication. Ready for a new step, and another area of the horse industry to dominate, I moved East five years ago for a horse health publication that was another world than I was used to. Instead of writing a lot, I did more on the back-end–illustrating the magazine with photos, curating newsletters, and cutting my teeth on social media. It wasn’t the direction I saw myself going, but I was still learning and my name was still printed on a glossy magazine page.

Just like where I was exactly five years ago, desperate for a change and a step in a new direction, I’m back there again. Being a righty (right-handed person), when it comes to a fork in the road, I typically go to the right–it just comes natural. So when I was presented with two options (hence, a fork in the road), I wavered between two different directions that, quite frankly, the girl I was seven years ago would never have thought I’d have to go. After all, the choices you make at 20 years is the choice you stick with for the next 20 years, right? Wrong. Circumstances and life can change, and that’s what happened to me.

Unfortunately the job market isn’t what it was five years ago, so when it’s time for a change, you can’t expect to have a plethora of options at your beck and call. I was lucky enough, though, to be part of a company that set its sights on the future of publishing and what it needs to do to regrow from the economic downfall. With eyes forward in the company, two positions were created to help with a new digital media group and I was given the options for my new path. Would I be back to covering prestigious equine events? Far from it. Would I be back to at least writing? Only if I’m freelancing. Instead, I turned left and chose a path that some may not have seen me do–working on the back-end of web sites as a web producer (a glossy computer screen, rather than a glossy print page).

Am I nervous about my decision? Heck yeah, I am! This is virgin territory for me and I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% positive that I made the right decision, but I know that a decision and a change had to be made, and it had to be made rather quickly. I am excited, though, for the opportunity to learn many new skills and see if my passion can be ignited again, like it was seven years ago. Everyone needs a new start at different times in their lives, and this is my latest re-start.

Meanwhile, on a fitness side of things–all the stress of “the decision” has killed my healthy eating, cumulating¬†with today’s Mardi Gras celebration at work. I’m hoping I can calm down the nerves and get back on track, but I’m worried that the transition phase at work will only increase my stress and nerves…not what I need right now. Any tips to manage work stress, eating, and training?


2 thoughts on “Going Left at the Fork in the Road

  1. I’m really proud of you for taking a risk and getting out of your comfort zone. Good luck with your new job! I know you’re going to kick ass : )

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