End of Week 3 for the Half

After yesterday I finally feel like I really am in training for a half marathon! I ran my long run with a friend who had trained for the same half marathon I’ll be running in last year, and we ran six miles. Before then, the longest I had ever run was five miles, so I was pumped for the six miles and the route I was told would be hilly, but fun.

One of the perks of living in Central Kentucky is the scenery. I hear a lot about the bicyclists enjoying the scenery on their rides, but you never really hear from the runners. Let me tell you, those six miles seemed to go by rather quickly (well, minus the hills) when you get to run by royal Thoroughbred farms like Darley and Mill Ridge. The gorgeous weather didn’t hurt, either. (Note to self: Learn how to dress for the weather! I wore my long “winter” running pants, a long-sleeved compression shirt, and a 3/4 zip fleece shirt. I was sweating by the end of the first mile, and after three miles I had wrapped my fleece around my waist.)

The run was great, and the fact that we were “running to food” (running to meet another friend at Panera Bread Co. for a late breakfast), it made it more enjoyable with a friend. We did walk every once in a while, which was what I needed–I need to learn to pace myself and having a partner say, “I need to walk” or “let’s push to the top of the hill, then we can walk” was exactly what I needed. I still finished the six miles under an hour, which is great for me!

Here are my splits. I forgot to hit “lap” on my Garmin a couple of times, so I had to average the two miles. I’m going to try to be better about my splits as I can.

My splits:
   Miles 1 & 2: 18:46 (avg. 9:23 per mile)
   Mile 3: 10:40 (very hilly part, walked a little)
   Miles 4 & 5: 19:47 (avg. 9:53 per mile)
   Mile 6: 9:55
   0.12 Mile nub: 8:17 pace (1.02 seconds)
   Total: 1:00:10

Not bad, huh? I’m pretty impressed with myself! Next week is seven miles, but I might have to change around my training schedule for week four because I have an agility trial in Ohio Saturday and Sunday and I won’t be able to run seven on Saturday. I’m stuck with either running my normal schedule on the treadmill (M-4, W-4, Th-3) and skip the long run, or run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before work, and try to fit in seven miles on Friday (possibly half on the treadmill and half around the track in my gym [16 laps=1 mile…kill me!]).

I’ll recap the rest of my week’s workouts a little later.


2 thoughts on “End of Week 3 for the Half

  1. Way to go on reaching 6 miles! I’m training for my first half as well, but mine is only 3 weeks away, so beginning to feel a bit under pressure! Good luck when it comes around. 🙂

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