My Monday Motivation

This morning’s Twitter feed has mostly been abuzz about the Super Bowl (yay Giants!) and the commercials (yay for Coke bringing back my polar bears!). However, one tweet from Runner’s World (@runnersworld) struck a cord with me as I enter week #2 of my half marathon training:

 Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome.

How true is that!? When you finally accomplish that one goal, the first thing you reflect on is how you got to that point (meaning “the journey”). When you look back on your journey you’ll probably remember the buckets of sweat, the river of tears, and the miles of pavement you’ve pounded to get you to that point. Right now it’s hard for me to imagine that in less than 11 weeks I’ll be running the farthest I’ve ever run, in the largest race I’ve ever entered, and I’ll be able to proudly say I have run a half-marathon. But that’ll be the part I’ll relish most. Until then, I need to remind myself that all the time spend on the treadmill, and all the cold mornings spent on the trails/asphalt are going to be well worth it come April 28, when I can share with you a photo of me wearing my finisher’s medal and a genuine, but exhausted smile on my face (or so I’m predicting).

Remind me of this post about a month later, when I’m complaining of sore knees or my hip not playing nicely with me, please.

Are you one Twitter? Be sure to follow me: @MLArszman and follow along with other runners by following the hashtag #runchat. They share some great information for runners of all levels!!


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