3 Years

In 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals were playing in Super Bowl XLIII and I had planned to watch the game with a girlfriend at her house. Before that, though, I had a lunch date with a guy I had been talking to on Match.com for a while. We were supposed to meet at one…ten minutes or so later, he still hadn’t shown up. Apparently he had gotten confused when I told him that if I couldn’t do lunch, I’d call, but if he hadn’t heard from me, I’d see him at Max & Erma’s at 1. Not the smoothest start to a first date, but he did show up and we had a great conversation about anything and everything, including the night’s big game.

He was never a horse person until he met me...and my horses.

Now, three years later, we’re still talking about anything and everything; football included. The only difference is now we live together and while he might be late to the dinner table some times, it’s not by the 20 minutes he was late to our first date. If you had told me back then, while waiting in the bar of the restaurant, that this would be the man I was going to marry later in 2012, I would have said you were crazy. To this day, I couldn’t really tell you what it was the made me think he was the one…it just happened. Just like when we got engaged in 2010–it just happened (though this time I was the one to make him wait, as I had realized what felt like five minutes after he popped the question I still hadn’t said yes or no).

Native Hoosiers and Colts fans--somehow it just worked that way.

And while I’m still nervous about what the future holds for us as a married couple, I know it will be an adventure, because that’s how things have been so far. I’m thankful to have found the man who can handle just about anything that I’ve thrown at him lately. I’m ready to celebrate not only Feb. 1, but now Oct. 6 with him.


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