Is A Wedding Too Much?

So it’s not unusual for couples who are planning their weddings to utter the words, “Why don’t we just elope?” True, the stress of planning is not what you dream about when your dream wedding is on your mind. (If you were that type of girl growing up. I can honestly say that I never dream about, nor pretended, my wedding when I was growing up. I never thought about my wedding until Matt put that ring on my finger.)

Well…is it sad that Matt and I are already at that point? Well, I’m not but Matt is. This weekend, while at an agility trial in Nashville, some friends were trying to talk me into just eloping, or just getting married while I’m in Reno for the AKC National Agility Championships. Now granted, I know they were just giving me a hard time, but still, it gets you thinking: “Is it really asking too much to celebrate the start of your marriage with family and friends in a ceremony and reception?”

I can understand why some people go on and make the occasion about them–I had some friends get married in Mexico because she knew it would be too crazy to try to get her divorced parents and family together for the occasion. There’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest. But it’s not me.

I’m not the kind of girl who is always looking for the spotlight and to be the center of attention. And while I never did dream about my wedding, I am now. OK, ok, so maybe the dreams are more like minor nightmares, but it does show that I’m at least a little excited about the upcoming wedding, right?

And it’s not like I’m asking to spend thousands of dollars on the event. I’m all for doing as many DIY projects as needed and calling in as many favors as needed. I’m not asking to have a bling-tastic wedding band or a five-star band to play at the reception. I’m all good with a DJ that is at least a decent MC and I’m OK with just using my engagement ring as the ring for now (until we can afford a band that will actually match up with my ring).

I just want a day that I can feel beautiful, have all of my family and friends together in one place, and have a big party and celebrate the start of the rest of my life with Matt. Is a wedding too much to ask to accomplish these needs?


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