Making Progress for the Wedding

This weekend has been a success in a couple of ways: 1.) We got a good start on making solid decisions on the wedding and 2.) I made lasagna for the first time and it turned out delicious!

Finally get to mark one thing off my list!

Saturday Matt and I drove the one hour to Louisville and had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, while watching Notre Dame upset Syracuse (shout out to my fellow Irish fans). Then we ventured to the suburbs to meet with a potential wedding photographer. This was the second photographer we’ve met with, and while I figured I was set with the first set (a pair of sisters from closer to Lexington), I had to agree that experience trumped youth this one time. The photographer and his partner have been doing wedding photography since 1987 and offered a nice line of products with our photo package that wasn’t offered by the other photographers. Matt seemed to really like them, and after I let it be known a few things I didn’t like, they softened and agreed with a couple of my options I wanted. We told them we’d like to talk and left with the contract. I made Matt drive to the Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen so we could talk it over a piece of yummy pie (or a cupcake for Matt) and we decided to go for it. So, I’m emailing them to save our date and we’ll be filling out the contract with the deposit this week. Mark one thing off our ever-growing list!

Another positive step for the wedding was going to our first store to register! I had some concerns that perhaps eight months was a little too early, but different places, including, said 6-8 months was the right timeframe. Plus Matt really wanted to go, so I didn’t want to argue with him actually wanting to be proactive with wedding planning. (Also, the next couple of months will be crazy for me, so we have to squeeze in these little things when we can, I guess.) We spent at least two hours at Bed, Bath & Beyond–but let me tell you, they take great care of their customers! They were great at asking the right questions and then helping you create your registry. It was a lot of fun, but exhausting too.

One tip I can share right now with future brides: make sure you have a plethora of different price ranges for gifts so you can be sure you’re not asking guests to shell out more money than they can just to satisfy your registry. I’ve been on the guest-end of weddings many times (and more as a bridesmaid/MOH), and it’s hard when you’re on such a limited budget to do gifts for the shower and the wedding and stay on the registry. Also, make sure you have fun with your registry–don’t get only serious things, but maybe some stuff that is definitely you. On top of the usual towels and bathroom decor we registered for a couple of things for the dogs–why not? They’re part of our family, too, and our family and friends know that and will probably get a big kick out of purchasing those items. (And I have a feeling my agility friends will be nabbing those gifts rather quickly.)

We only went to BB&B today, but we plan to hit Target in a couple of weeks and perhaps one other place. We’re undecided what that third place will be–Wal-Mart? Meijer? JC Penney? Where else do people do registries?

Also, I hope to make more of a decision for the DJ in the next week or two. If I can, I’ll hit my self-imposed deadline of reserving the photographer, caterer, and DJ by the end of January. Not too bad, right?

Next up: Creating our own Save The Dates (online and print) to send in the month of February…and not spend too much money on them.

Oh yeah…I’ll be sharing the story on the lasagna in an upcoming post. I also have a great way to eat sweet potatoes on the skinny side that I want to share, but I forgot to take a photo of the potatoes before Matt and I ate them up the other night.


2 thoughts on “Making Progress for the Wedding

  1. Glad you are making progress! The only suggestion I have about Target is that they sell seasonal things they tend to discontinue unlike BB&B. And read over their return policy. The cashiers aren’t good at checking things off when people buy them. That being said, we loved the stuff at target so we registered there too. We registered at Macy’s for china and bedding and that was about it. If you have a house, maybe think about Home Depot or Lowe’s?

    • Thanks for the Target tip–very true, and I might suggest to Matt that we wait on them until closer to either my bridal shower(s) or at least until the summer. We thought about Macy’s, but we don’t want/need china and found bedding we love at BB&B. Lowe’s would be smart, but we don’t own a house yet (we just rent). I’m going to suggest a honeymoon registry, and someone asked if there was like a house registry to put towards a downpayment–smart thinking, but doubt that’s available.

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