Goals: Week #2

Last week I started the inaugural weekly goal post because I wanted to be held accountable for making better/healthier choices and be proud of how I’ve done because everyone who reads this blog can keep me honest.

So, let’s recap last week:

  • Drink more water: I did very well with this, drinking at least three water bottles’ full everyday, for at least the recommended two liters.
  • Chill on snacks: I did decent with this one, until towards the end of the week when I was exhausted and just craving carbs (i.e., Baby Swiss Cheezits in my co-worker’s desk) like crazy.
  • Run and stretch more: I did my yoga DVDs twice last week, which was great, and I ran three times on the treadmill, adding more stretching at the end of my runs than I had.

This week I’m going to keep the above goals, but add one other:

  • Decide on what half-marathon training program I’m going to go with and then design it to fit my schedule and my ability, then start and stick to it! I officially start my 12-week half-marathon training program a week from today, so I’m already starting to get nervous, as I previously shared. I just want to be able to be on the right track so I can get through the 13.1 miles without injury and around 2:20.

Last week’s workouts consisted running on the treadmill, weight and circuit training on my own, two yoga DVD workouts, plus quite a few walks (some running, especially in grass and up hills) with the dogs for their conditioning.

Another Monday means another week to do better!


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