Rare Weekends Off

With my schedule of agility trials, horse shows to work, and just general life and travel, it’s rare that I have an entire weekend off from having to be somewhere at a certain time. The past few weekends have been an extreme rarity because I’ve had three off in a row. I’ve learned to really relish them and make sure I take advantage of that calmness that comes with a weekend off.

Who doesn't feel like this on Fridays?

Typical weekends off for me means cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping with Matt, and trying to find a way to get outdoors with the dogs and burn off our extra energy. Matt and I are different in a way when it comes to weekends off–for him weekends off means doing absolutely nothing but playing his Xbox or watching football/basketball games. He’s OK with not going anywhere or doing anything. Me, on the other hand, I can’t stand not doing something. I can only stay in the house for so long before I go stir crazy, and I feel like the dogs feel the same way. So I use them as an excuse to get us out of the house and active–great ploy, huh? 😉

It’s weekends like this that I wish I was already in the midst of my half-marathon training. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still running and trying to get in longer, outdoor, runs in on these weekends off, but I know my schedule is going to start getting crazy starting this coming weekend when we travel to Tennessee for an agility trial. I already mentioned my concerns about my trip to Reno in the middle of my training. But there will be other weekends where I will be at trials and not able to get in my long runs. So I’m going to have figure my training schedule in a way that’ll allow me to get in my long runs, but also be sure that I’m not pushing myself too much to the point of injury.

I know I’m still lucky in the fact that I don’t have kids to juggle with my training as well–instead I just have the craziness of my dogs, wedding planning, and my life in general.

So what do your rare weekends off look like? How do you juggle a training schedule when those rare weekends off don’t occur?


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