Resolutioners–Sticking with the Goal

January is halfway complete, so it makes me think of those who made that annual resolution to join a gym and get healthy.  How successful have they been?

First off, let me say that I am one of those that gripes and grumbles at the increase of cars in the parking lotand having to sign up earlier for spin class. I catch myself rolling my eyes at gym newbies (aka what I call “resolutioners”) who take their time on the machines. The resolutioners tend to slow me down when I’m on a mission of a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) session, which I never appreciate. However, I totally understand that they really do mean well and they are trying to better their life. You can’t fault anyone for giving it a good old fashion try. (And if I am ever able to study and get my personal trainer’s certification, I’ll welcome any client–resolutioner or pro!)

I wish there was a handbook for the resolutionist–just for every new member of a gym to encourage them to keep with the program, while not looking out of place:

1.) If you don’t know how a machine works, ask! I don’t mind pausing to show someone how to get the best use of the machine. You don’t want to hurt yourself before you get started.

2.) Don’t sit and dawdle on the machines or benches. I’m always on a time limit. I don’t want to wait to do a 30-second exercise.

3.) Leave your phone in the car or in your gym bag–it doesn’t belong on the elliptical or on the weight room benches. Once again, my time is precious. I also appreciate my time being unplugged from technology (minus my MP3 player and the treadmill, of course). Trust me, you will too.

4.) Don’t be afraid to park farther away from the front door. It’s not Christmas. You don’t need to stalk me for a close parking spot. (I park my truck towards the back of the lot, anyway.) You’re here to workout and burn calories. Start that process by walking a few more steps.

And, finally…

5.) Stick with it! Don’t get discouraged if the scale isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like. A change in your health takes a long time. Be proud of every minute you spend in the gym, sweating away your stress, sadness, lunch, etc. Any little bit helps!

I celebrate March as being free from the resolutioners because they usually slack off by then, or they’ve morphed into a regular, like me. This year I hope to see more regulars at the gym.

What other tips would you share with a resolutionist at your gym?

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