Work-Outs: How Much is Too Much?

My workouts this week (Jan. 2-7): 13.83 miles running (treadmill and outside), 5.65 miles on the elliptical,  8.25 miles walking (with the dogs), plus weight training, one spinning class, and 30 minutes of yoga via DVD.

Friday morning I woke up for my usual 5:30 am dreadmill run with friends and was surprised by my how much glutes and hamstrings were killing me. The day before I had done the 5.65 miles on the elliptical in the morning and a 45-minute spin class that evening. I made the decision not to run, but did a 30-minute yoga DVD (Jillian Michaels) in the living room instead.

I was told by my friend Adrienne, who has run in quite a few half-marathons and her father has run in many marathons (at least one in 49 states so far, and he’s aiming to finish that tour in Hawaii in 2013), that I’m running too much right now. I officially start my half-marathon training program the first week of February, and I’m planning to use the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program, since I already run four miles in the morning.

 So I wonder how much is too much?

I have to cross-train...but I have to run... Halp!

I can’t be the typical runner–I like to run, but I don’t like running long distances all the time, especially when it comes to the treadmill. Right now, my body won’t let me go past 5 miles due to some hip/IT band problems. I know I have to get long runs in for my training, that’s perfectly fine.

However, I get bored easily. I like cross-training. I love taking different classes at the gym–cardio kickboxing (though I love kickboxing and would love to get back to training for it), spinning, interval training classes, etc. And I love making my own HIIT workouts in time frames of 30-60 minutes.

I’ve been working out twice a day a few days a week lately because of running in the morning and then hitting the gym after work. If I don’t go to the gym in the evening I feel lost. I feel like I am slacking on my workouts and my weight loss. (Remember I have a wedding dress to look spectacular in!)

Am I crazy? How much is too much?


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