Oh, Yeah…the Wedding

So far I’ve talked a lot about working out, running, and my dogs, and I said I wanted to also use this forum also as a way to talk about my wedding plans.

Matt and I have been together for almost three years (Feb. 1) now, and engaged for more than one year (Nov. 14). At first we talked about getting married Oct. 1, 2011, but we decided to push the wedding back one year so we would be able to afford to have the kind of wedding we wanted and a honeymoon we wanted. We are getting married Oct. 6, 2012, in Lexington.

It was hard to choose between getting married in Lexington or back home on my family’s farm in Indiana. I chose Lexington because we thought it would be easier to plan the wedding in the same town we live in, and this is our home now and we want to celebrate that. (OK, OK….so I’m also a little OCD and would go crazy having rely on someone else to do some of the arrangements. Also, it would be more stressful trying to plan a wedding in another state, and I have enough stress as it is!)

We’re planning to have our wedding on a friend’s horse farm, so it’ll be outdoors. Of course, this means playing roulette with Mother Nature, but I’m hoping she’ll play nice, since this will be in early October. We’ll be renting a tent for the reception, so we have the option of using that for the ceremony as well, if needed. (But let’s cross our fingers that it won’t be needed.)

I don’t really have a theme for the whole thing, but I’m hoping to have it go along with a bit of a rustic theme. There will be quite a few things that will be DYI, so I’m hoping I’ll have some help from my always-creative mother and friends. Our budget isn’t 100% hashed out, but we’re trying to do our best with limited funds. It’s not about blowing a ton of money, but celebrating our day with our closest friends and family.

I’ve already bought my dress. My mom and I went to a bridal salon in Louisville and met up with my friend Adrienne back in September and I found a dress that fit me perfectly–really it only needs the straps shortened some and I might cut off the train (I don’t see myself having a train, plus an outdoor wedding on a horse farm doesn’t really call for a train I believe). I was able to buy it off the rack, which saved me 10% because if they had to order the dress that’d charge me more. It’s currently hanging up in my closet in my bedroom at my parents’ house for safe keeping.

So, I’ve got the dress, the fiance, and the potential location. We’ve interviewed one photographer and Matt already has a place he’d like to do our catering (we’re doing BBQ). The search is on for a DJ, officiant, bakery, and possibly a videographer. Tomorrow we’ll go to a bridal fair and hope to get more prices and ideas.

We had the perfect early autumn morning for photos on my parents' farm. Engagement photos by Brad Boelke.


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