Workout Buddies

As mentioned in a previous post, I owe my passion for working out to a college friend because of all those hours spent in the weight room of the Curris Center at Murray State University.

My pups--some of the best workout buddies you can have! (Now trying to do yoga with them is a little more difficult.)

I believe everybody should have at least one workout buddy to keep them motivated. I’m lucky to have two friends who will get up at 5 in the morning to run on the treadmill (at least until it’s warmer in the mornings, and then we’ll run outside) for four miles. The past two summers I’ve run in my neighborhood on my own in the morning before work, but I used to stop running once it started to get darker and colder because I didn’t have the motivation to continue. But now I have two people who keep me motivated to push and run at least 4 miles. This is great since my official training regimen for my first half-marathon starts in February. I’m going to need that support and consistency in my runs this winter.

I also count my dogs as workout buddies because they get me out and moving, no matter what. Dogs need walked–they need activity. Everyday I go home for lunch and walk the dogs around the loop in our neighborhood (as long as it’s not raining), which helps me relax from the morning’s work and refreshes my mind and body for the rest of the day in the office. I also try to take them for longer walks through the neighborhood at other times, or we’ll take them hiking. In the summers, we try to walk them at least a mile after dinner to work-off the food (and my constant need to munch) and give them more exercise. And let’s not forget training for agility–that involves short sprints for me. I love having them as my motivators!

And speaking of motivating…I’ve been trying my best to motivate my fiance, Matt, to workout more. I love working with someone and making sure their techniques are correct, and that’s the same with Matt. This week started his journey back into fitness, which saw him do an upper body weight circuit one day and a spinning class the next. It makes me smile to walk into the gym and see him already on the elliptical, and I hope to see him there more often. Not only do I want a smokin’ groom later this year, but I want him to be around for a good long while.

Who’s your workout buddy? Any tips to keep your better half in the gym with you?


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