Why Blog?

It’s taken me a while to get this blog going. I’ve tossed aroud the idea of starting to a blog, perhaps similar to those that I read on a daily basis. Why? Mainly because I need a way to vent, or just to put my thoughts onto “paper,” or to put my goals and angst out there for anyone to read to keep me honest. Either way, I’ve finally taken the leap.

Why blog? I don’t believe my life is anymore interesting than anyone else’s. I lead a regular life as a young woman in her late 20s, battling the usual angst of the “quarter-life crisis” just trying to find my place in this world. I’m happily engaged, so of course this blog will follow the wedding planning (d-day is Oct. 6). I’ve also embarked on training for my first half-marathon, so there will be some talk about running and workouts and such.

I don’t really know where this blog will lead. I hope to post some professional things on here (like published articles) as well as fun things–like brags on my dogs at agility trials.

I’ll probably slowly get going, trying to get my bearings in this blogging world. So bear with me. I look forward to sharing life with you and I hope to watch things grow from this meager beginning.


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